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Introducing Fully Charged in 1 serving stick! For any orders done via you will be entitled a freebie of 1 serving stick.

In addition, for orders above RM150.00 in the month of April, we will be giving away 1 serving of Hammer Bar Oat Meal Apple including free shipping.

While stocks last!


Fully Charged is a revolutionary, pre-exercise formula that will get you prepared—mentally and physically— for the strong efforts ahead. It reduces warm-up time, increases cardiovascular capacity, prevents lactic acid build up, improves mental acuity, and increases energy levels. This stuff is a game changer.


While other pre-workout formulas rely on caffeine and other stimulants, Fully Charged uses a potent blend of fruit and vegetable extracts, amino acids, and green tea extract to give you the energy you need, without the jitters or over-amped sensations. This all-natural approach supports, rather than drains, your system— allowing you to get the most out of your time today and tomorrow!


The news is out, and athletes of all types are getting on board to elevate their game! Don’t be left behind.


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